Honda HEAT Rugby Football Club



2020.07.31】 New face 2020 season

【Information 】

New face 2020 season of Honda HEAT



Matthys Basson




DOB:09 / 06 / 1995

From:South Africa

Career:2018~2019 Bulls (SA)


Hello , I am Matthys Basson and I am so proud to be part of the Honda Family

for next top League season and we hope to be out there for you to support us soon.

My ambition for this season is to be out there on the field with the boys as many times

as possible and just to give my best for the Team. Go Honda HEAT. 



・Franco Mostert




DOB:27 /11 / 1990

From:South Africa

Career:South Africa National team (39cap)

    2012~2013 Bulls (SA)

    2014~2018 Lions (SA)

    2016~2018 Ricoh Black Rums (JP)

    2018~2019 Grouster (ENG)


I am very excited about the opportunity to join Honda HEAT and

I was impressed with Hondas ambition to keep getting stronger. 

I am also very excited to be playing rugby in japan again.

Ive always enjoyed my time in Japan and most recently winning

the World Cup - I love the culture and the people and

really looking forward to making a difference for Honda HEAT.


・Jean Luc du Plessis

Position:SO / FB



DOB:07 /05 / 1994

From:South Africa

Career:U20 South Africa national team

    2013~2014 Sharks (SA)

    2015~2020 Stormers (SA)


I am looking forward to meeting you when I arrive in the beautiful country of Japan.

This next chapter of my career with Honda Heat is very exciting for me and my family.

We have long admired the Honda brand and I am so looking forward to meeting

my team mates, coaches, management and the Honda Heat supporters.

I can't wait to play in the Japan rugby top league, and compete with some of the best in the business

whilst playing and exciting brand of rugby. I am a huge Grand Prix fan and Honda supplies

the engine for my favourite team. This really is a dream come true and I see myself

as privileged and am very grateful for the opportunity lying ahead.

I hope to bring some heat to the iconic Honda brand.


・Matt Duffie

Position:FB / WTB



DOB:16 / 08 / 1990

From:New Zealand

Career:New Zealand national team (2cap)

    2016~2020 Blues (NZ)


Honda HEAT is a special team for Blues that I have played for a long time.

 I am very pleased to have the opportunity to play at Honda HEAT.

 I look forward to new challenges and embrancing a new culture.

 Also, I am very honored to be the first player to transfer between both teams.

 Since Honda and Blues have been interacting with each other,

I have spend some time with Honda which allowed me to forge some relationships with players and staffs.

And I believe it will be of advantage and great strength to the club and myself. 

I can't wait to get stuck in and help the team and the players be the best we can be. Very excited!




・Shuji Onizawa

Position:Chief Director


・Dong Choon Koo

Position:Scrum coach

DOB:21 / 07 / 1963


・Yasuharu Terai


DOB:15 / 07 / 1987